Good and Bad – R.E

Questions for  good

How do feel when the bad  are not around ?  –  Strange because there is no bad atmosphere .

Would you ever want to be like the bad  ? –  We all have some bad in us but it’s up to us if we want to  use it .

Would you ever bring everyone back together ? – Yes because  it’s bad for the community . What would a police officer do if there is no bad people .



Goats and Sheep

For the sheep (the good people).

Why did you decide to help?

I thought as if I was the person who needed help, I would want somebody to help me.

Did somebody inspire you to help, if so , who?

Yes, Jesus, he did so much to help the less fortunate.

Did you like helping?

Yes, God said to be good to everyone, so I felt  Like I was obeying him.

What would you do to try and help more?

I would try to change the would, treat everyone fairly and not judge people.

How would you try and get other people to help?

By telling them to imagine if they needed help instead.

The Goats (the bad people)

Why didn’t you want to help?

I didn’t know them so I probably wouldn’t see them again.

How would you feel if you didn’t get help when you needed?

 It would be unfair.

Sheep and Goats!

A. The people on the left- What did you do wrong and why did you do it?

Answer: I threatened people because no-one cared about me.

– Siobhan

B. The people on the right- What advise would you give to the people on the left to help them change?

Answer: Try to be good and show everyone how peaceful you can be.

– Niamh

C. The people on the left- Do you think you deserve to be in the position your in (goat)?

Answer: no because i am a very good helper and friend .

D. The people on the right- How did you feel when the others were put on the other side as sheep?



RE by Tommy and Michael

Questions for the ‘Sheep’:

Question 1: Why did you help people when you didn’t have to?

Answer: Because I think that the world should be equal and I treat people like I’d like to be treated.

Question 2: Why do you think that the ‘goats’ didn’t help others?

Answer: I think they were too busy caring about themselves and didn’t bother treating other people who needed to be cared for.

Questions for the ‘Goats’:

Question 1: Why did you choose not to help others?

Answer: I didn’t have time for myself never mind to help others.

Question 2: How could you have helped people?

Answer: I couldn’t of helped anyone, I was always to busy praying.

sheep and goat questions

sheep questions

  1. How does it feel knowing that you helped Jesus by helping someone?
  2. Why did you choose to help people?
  3. Will you carry on helping after this?
  4. How can you persuade others to help one another?
  5. Do you believe that you have helped Jesus though others?

goat questions

  1. Why did you choose not to help others?
  2. Will you start thinking about helping if you knew the your helping Jesus?
  3. Don’t you think that you’re being selfish by not helping others? No,because they don’t help me-Shannon
  4. If you do help someone will you expect something in return?
  5. What do you think is good by not helping others?


We should go to London again, but this time, we should go inside or stand next to the monuments. It would be good if we were aloud to go on the London Eye. If I ever go to London again, I will definitely go on the London Eye. I am not scared of heights!

Or am I?